Top Jobs that Require a College Degree

Top Jobs that Require a College Degree

Top Jobs For Degree Holders: If a person is going to put in the time, effort, and investment to go to college and complete a degree, they are going to want a job that will give them a return on their investment. These are some of the best jobs to have that require a college degree. These jobs pay a good wage and they are in high demand.

Top Jobs List 2021

Marketing Executive

It will take some time to reach the executive level, but many jobs will allow a person to enter the marketing field. When a person is in this field, it is easy to work their way up to a higher level. In the past year, there were around 11,500 people who were hired for the marketing executive role. They make on average $55 an hour. To get into marketing, a person will need a college degree. With the earning potential, this is a field worth investing in.

Software Applications Developer

Software Applications Developer

It seems that just about every company has an app. Websites have apps. There are plenty of gaming apps out there too. Someone has to develop these apps. There is a huge demand for professions that can make and develop these apps. This industry has grown 15 percent in four years, and there is still a demand for qualified professionals. If a person is looking for a degree program where they will be able to find a job right away, this is a smart career choice.

Registered Nurse

As the population ages, there is a huge demand for qualified nursing professionals. Each month 20,000 nursing positions are not filled. A registered nurse with a Bachelors’s degree can make good money. They will get their pick of jobs and will be able to help those too.


As people become more comfortable with talking about mental health, there is a need for psychologists. People need someone to talk to and someone to help them get through the tough times. In the past year alone, there has been an increase in demand for mental health professionals. There is a field that is going to continue to grow.

Registered Nurse

Nurse Anesthetist

This is another in-demand profession in the medical field. The nurse will administer anesthesia and monitor a patient while they are under. They will need to care for the patient. While these nurses do need some advanced training, there is a big demand for them.

Computer Network Architect

Everything is online now. A business needs to have a website if they want to keep up with the changing times. These professionals will design a communication system for the network, and they will help make sure everything is running smoothly. Both large and small companies need this service, so there are many job opportunities out there.

IT Manager

Many companies have an IT department, and they need someone reliable to run it. A person can go from entry-level to management quickly as there is a huge demand for these professionals.

These are some of the top jobs that require a college degree. There is a big demand for these qualified professionals, and a college degree is required to get into these high-paying positions.

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