Different Degrees, Different Job Opportunities

Different Degrees, Different Job Opportunities

Getting a degree can seriously boost your job & earning potential. The higher the education level one achieves, the higher their average income rises.

The difference in pay between someone with only a high school diploma and someone with a Doctorate is around $59,120.

Even acquiring an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree substantially raises one’s earning potential. It also increases your ability to be hired in the first place. It opens up a whole world of careers and opportunities that are simply unavailable to those without a degree.

Opportunities Available with Associate’s Degrees

Even with a two-year Associate’s Degree, there are numerous, high-paying jobs that become available to you. One of the top jobs at this education level is that of an Air-Traffic Controller.

This is a lucrative field that is expected to expand in the coming years, with plenty of positions that need to be filled. The average Air-Traffic Controller makes between $125,000 to $178,600 a year.

Another top job for Associate’s Degree holders is Biomedical Technician. With an average salary of $88,550 per year, the Biomedical Technician is in charge of setting up and maintaining medical equipment in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Bachelor's Degrees Provide the Most Options

Bachelor’s Degrees Provide the Most Options

Spending a couple more years in school and attaining your Bachelor’s Degree bumps up the earning potential even further. A Bachelor’s Degree can be the stepping stone to a career as a Chemical Engineer, an Electronics Engineer, or as a Software Engineer.

These are all fields that are expecting great growth in the coming decades. There should be no shortage of positions to fill, which means employment opportunities, stability, and job security.

These careers, on average, pay upwards of $100,000 per year, and the pay increases with your experience. Some other notable careers that one can enter with a Bachelor’s Degree are Architect, Sales Engineer, Project Manager, and Economist.

High Paying Jobs with Master’s Degrees

Moving up to a Master’s Degree comes with even more choices for your career and, once again, higher pay. One of the highest paying jobs one can get with a specific Master’s Degree is that of Nurse Anesthetist.

The job requires a lot of responsibility as the nurse will be assisting the Anesthesiologist during surgeries and other medical procedures. This is a step up from RN and can also be a stepping stone to further one’s career.

The average salary for this position is $146,354. If you’re more inclined toward business than the medical fields, perhaps Chief Financial Officer is the job title for you. This position has an average annual salary of $131,314. This type of position may require years of experience in the company in addition to your education.

Doctoral Degrees Will Always be in Demand

Doctoral Degrees Will Always be in Demand

At the Doctorate level, degree holders can expect to earn $200,000 per year or more. Career fields at this level include jobs in law, medicine, education, and the sciences.

One of the highest paying jobs one can get with a Doctorate is in Pharmacology. Not only is it a high-paying career, but there will always be a demand for it. Jobs in this sector are expected to grow in the coming years.

Other notable careers one can pursue with a Doctorate are in the fields of Immunology, Physics, Criminal Justice, and Biochemistry. No matter what your interests are, earning a degree will increase your chances for employment and raise your potential earnings exponentially, depending on the level of education that you achieve.

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