Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs that Require a Doctorate Degree

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs that Require a Doctorate Degree

The highest paying jobs require the highest degrees, and a doctorate is the highest degree that you can obtain from any university. However, it requires a lot of hard work and determination to get your Ph.D., and you deserve a job that will recognize that fact. See below for 10 of the highest-paying jobs you can apply for when you have your doctorate.

1. University President

To get a job as an undergraduate professor at a university, you have to have a Master’s degree. A college president, however, requires a doctorate. You want to meet the needs of every student your university has, offering academics to them that are only of the highest quality. It will be your responsibility to ensure you also hire the best professors in their fields.

2. Philosopher

A philosopher is likely not one of the first job roles you think of when considering what to do with a doctorate. Yet, these professionals have extensive knowledge about answers to some of the world’s most meaningful questions, allowing them to advise others from any industry. Often, you can find a job as a philosopher at a university or an organization devoted to philosophical questions.

3. Economist

Most companies desire that their economists have a doctorate, though some allow for only a Master’s diploma. If you want higher-paying jobs, however, it is best to go for your Ph.D. You could even get a position as the economist for the United States government, for instance, if the role were to open under any president. This role would allow you to oversee some of the operations of the Treasury Department.

Biochemist with Doctorate

4. Biochemist

If you want to become a biochemist, you have to undergo extensive education. These professionals have to take many biology and chemistry classes. These will vary depending on whether you want to work in medical sciences or wholesale goods, for instance. You can help oversee a research laboratory, prepare scientific articles for healthcare-related studies, and help develop new medications. Again, you can get a job as a biochemist with just a Master’s degree, but high-paying roles come with a Ph.D.

5. Psychologist

A psychologist is different than a psychiatrist in that they cannot provide healthcare for your physical needs. These professionals, however, can treat the human mind and provide counsel when necessary. They also conduct experiments and research studies to understand the processes behind human behavior and specific disorders. Thus, psychologists should continue to be in need in the future, with job openings in this role in high demand.

7. Anthropologist

An anthropologist is someone who studies the history of humankind and its various cultures. They organize research studies on specific groups of people, no matter where they are in the world, collecting and analyzing data as necessary. The goal is to learn more about humans and their behavior. Again, individuals with a Master’s degree can get a job in this industry. To go further, however, you should pursue a doctorate.

Aerospace Engineer

8. Aerospace Engineer

If you enjoy airplanes but do not want to become a pilot, consider being an aerospace engineer. The demand for this role is on the rise, especially since air travel is becoming more common. With this degree, you can help build airplanes, understand the mechanics of how they move better, and improve the vehicles for better flights. Individuals in a position of this type, so long as they have a doctorate, will make well into a six-figure salary.

9. Pharmacist

With everything going on in the world in modern times, pharmacists are in high demand. Someone can get a job in pharmacology with a Master’s degree, but many companies want more of an expert, which comes with a doctorate. As a pharmacist, you will handle prescriptions and other medication requests.

10. Cybersecurity Professional

You can get into IT services with any degree, but with a doctorate, a position in cybersecurity will grant you a six-figure salary. Many companies had cyberattacks just this year, some of which came with ransomware. A cybersecurity professional will defend against these hackers, ensuring that company data remains safe. If an attack happens, however, they have the expertise necessary to secure data quickly.

Final Thoughts About the Highest Paying Jobs

With a doctorate, you can obtain a six-figure salary in almost any industry. There are many other high-paying positions other than those listed above. Consider the skills you have, using them towards the future career that you can have with a Ph.D.

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