How Job Competition Can Affect Your Career

Can Job Competition Affect Your Career?

Job Competition and Effects:

Once you complete your degree, there is a common expectation that job opportunities will immediately open for you. While that may be the case in some geographical locations or in some degree fields, oftentimes it takes some work to land the perfect job. You may even have to work through a few jobs that are less than ideal to get to your dream job in the long run.

One of the main setbacks that can keep you from landing the perfect job in your degree field is job competition. This may not be discussed much throughout the course of getting your degree, because the goal at that time is to get you through the program successfully. Therefore, mentorship throughout your degree program, especially toward the end, is crucial. Doing so can help set you up for success and avoid excessive job competition. Yet, in times where a competitive job environment cannot be avoided, there are a few things you can do to promote yourself.

Show Off Your Abilities and Experience

Show Off Your Abilities and Experience

Recent graduates from a degree program are eager to prove themselves, and employers want to know exactly who they are hiring. There is no better time to put your skills, academic rankings, and experience on display than when you are entering a highly competitive job market. Showing off all that you have to offer and explaining how it can benefit potential employers may be the edge you need to be considered over other job applicants.

Use Your Network and Resources

Rather than applying to jobs cold turkey, utilize the resources you have built up and connections you have made with individuals throughout the course of obtaining your degree. Perhaps an old professor knows of a job opening that might suit you. Maybe your local profession chapter has a job posting list. Still yet, maybe your old roommate knows of a job hiring for your specific position. Use your portfolio of connections and contacts to your advantage, especially when you are trying to find a specific career in a saturated market.

Consider Broadening Your Search

When competition for your degree area is intense, consider looking to other locales or geographic locations for opportunities. Rare opportunities in smaller towns that are nearby or a vast array of positions in a nearby metro area may be the key to finding a job in your degree specialty. Some job seekers are also willing to relocate after attaining their degree, so make sure the job market is open and thriving in the area you choose to move to.

Continue to Grow Your Skills

Continue to Grow Your Skills

After you have achieved your degree, you may feel burnt out from studying and testing. Take some time off, re-evaluate your goals, and plan your future. If you are missing out on job opportunities because you lack experience or specialty knowledge, consider broadening your skills by joining a local club or taking classes in a specific area that will make you more marketable.

Excelling in Intense Job Competition

It can be easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged when you are seeking a job that is highly competitive in your area. Yet, there are things you can do to make yourself more desirable as a potential job candidate. Chances are, job competition will ebb and flow, so you just must be patient until you land your dream job in your degree area.

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